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Have you ever purchased inventory for your Amazon FBA business,  based off a scan and by the time it reached the Amazon warehouse one or all of these has happened.

• Rank is way higher than what you original scanned it at

• The buy box price is much lower than before.

• Amazon is now selling the product when it didn’t show on the original scan.

It doesn't have to be this way!!

Learning Keepa and all that it has to offer can make all the difference giving you the tools to make informed decisions when purchasing inventory.

With this course 1 hour course you will learn step by step what information Keepa has and the best way for you to interpret that information.

This data can give you a better understanding of trends and selling cycles changing the way that you source product for your Amazon FBA business. You will be shown examples putting all of that information into practice. 

Take your Amazon Business to the next level! 

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  • Size2.07 GB
  • Duration63 minutes
  • Resolution3840 x 2160 px


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West Coast Dealz - Guide to Keepa

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